Staff Cyclist Facilities

Cyclists facilities for building staff (consisting of bicycle parking, showers and lockers) have also been provided. They are located on the south side of the building on basement -1. The number of bicycle parking, showers and lockers are as follows:

  • Staff bicycle parking provided = 32
  • Accessible showers provided = 4; (2 in male ablution & 2 in female ablution)
  • Secure lockers provided =32; (16 in male ablution & 16 in female ablution)

Staff cyclist facilities have been clearly signposted and have been installed within a secure area (fenced off) with good natural surveillance and weather protection. Access to this area is provided by means of a gate that will allow exclusive access to building staff. Cyclist route and signage is provided by means of surface markings in order to ensure safety and convenience of use.

Visitor Cyclist Facilities

Visitor bicycle parking (11 parking pays) has been provided near the main public entrance to the building and has been signposted accordingly. Natural surveillance of the visitor bicycle parking area is provided by the proximity to the main reception security control point.

Visitor bicycle parking is not weather protected.

Alternative modes of transportation

The Building is located in close proximity to a number of excellent public transportation nodes. Some of these transportation nodes include the following: Gautrain; Gautrain bus; Putco bus; Northwest Star bus, ABS bus, JP Choeu bus and Joburg Bus. In addition there are a large number of minibus taxis operating in the area. All of these transportation nodes are within 1000m of the main building entrance.